I  don’t like online dating sites so I made my own.   Cyberluv domain has been in my life since 1999…I had great ideas for it. Maybe this is the best of all –  and especially great if you happen to want a coffee or a cocktail with me and you are somewhere between 60 and 70.
In a galaxy far, far away:    “Tim?  Listen, I love my pink phone but I seriously need an upgrade.”

annpinkphoneann      Thanks. This is much better.  2017


I am hardwired for more joy than not, for intimacy, depth, laughter and love. I love animals, books, tech, good times, quantumness and autonomous. Throw in classic rock and coffee in bed and all is good. I’ve tried to live my life with smiles and meet the slings and arrows with enough bravado to make it through each time. Resiliency is critical to bouncing back.

Looking forward to VR/AR and what Tim Cook has for that. I will listen carefully to you, went to an Ivy, have 3 adult kids out of college and partnered. I’m both a nurturer and in need of it. Give and take feels good to me.  I am a woman who loves the role and wants a guy who loves being male.  Male and female archetypes please me.  I’m average height, slender, and I give good conversation. Life’s curveballs make it interesting and my mind is usually calm. I have blond hair but not the typical female shopping gene. I would rather go to the Apple store to hang out or to the beach or on a hike. But don’t worry, I enjoy looking good and female, just not into the over the top diva look. I love coffee, modern architecture, outspoken people as well as introverts and riding my bike around town. Conversation over coffee or a martini can make a bad day, good. Play is good. Haven’t we all worked so much? Cliched as it is, I love walking on the beach and will go alone if I must. But being who I am I would rather have a companion.

What I’m looking for…

I don’t like lists so I’ll keep this short.
 1) No smoking.  2) If you can, dance me to the end of love  

I’d like to add…

It’s not so important to me in the hypothetical to keep adding interests or personality profiling. I’m not a fill in the boxes type. Meet and greet and we’ll find out what makes us smile.
 Life’s Many Faces
July 2018  
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